Saturday, 16 May 2009

My New Found Freedom!

Guesses whats peoples!!!! I gots to go into mummy's bedrooms and I am nots allowds inthere cos I noms the carpets and there is wires to nom! But mummy didn't shuts the doors propely so me and myzzle gots in!!! It was forever til mummy realised and we nommed some stuff, mye ate mummy's nintentdo DS charger so she can't play her stoopid bunnyz games no more! hahahaha! Bunnyz rules OK! She doesn't know what elses we dids yet cos she has been too bizzy cleaning us out cos we did too many poopeys!!! Yeah!


  1. BAAAAAAAAAHAHHAHAHAHHAHA pawsome werk to bof of you!

  2. We read about you on Boogey's blog and had to come say "hi!" We'll put a link to you blog on our blogroll so we can find our way back to see what you're up to! Welcome to the bunny blogosphere!

  3. There's no such thing as too many poopies! yeah bunnehs! A bunneh's gotta nom what a bunneh's gotta nom! Mum will learn after she buys a couple more cords ... I bought four phone chargers before I learned. But, ya can't help it... Iknow ...