Saturday, 16 May 2009

My New Found Freedom!

Guesses whats peoples!!!! I gots to go into mummy's bedrooms and I am nots allowds inthere cos I noms the carpets and there is wires to nom! But mummy didn't shuts the doors propely so me and myzzle gots in!!! It was forever til mummy realised and we nommed some stuff, mye ate mummy's nintentdo DS charger so she can't play her stoopid bunnyz games no more! hahahaha! Bunnyz rules OK! She doesn't know what elses we dids yet cos she has been too bizzy cleaning us out cos we did too many poopeys!!! Yeah!
Today has been rubbish! Not only has mummy put me in a pink bandana, but it has been rubbish weather, mummy is ill AND she has a new game on her DS called bunnyz and seems to be playing that more than she is playing with me!!! How very dare she! I am hoping that the evening will turn out better, as I knows she has strawboogeys in the fridge for me to nom, and also I finks tomorow she is gunna bring me my herb pots over for me to play with and nom! YAYAY!

Monday, 11 May 2009

My First Post!!!!

Right - I has managed to get onto mummy's laptop while she is busy painting the hall, and I iz set up for bloggin as well as facebizzle nows! Ha roo! This is gonna be ALL about me and my life as King Bun Face of Norwich! I iz gonna keeps it short tonight as mummy is soooo gonna find me soon! But I will be back.......................